TACC co-launched the electric car rental service ‘Banpu NEXT EV Car Sharing’

Khun Suveeraya Ansavananda, Assistant Managing Director from T.A.C.Consumer PCL (TACC) took a photo with Khun Kanokwan Jitchobtham, Senior Vice President, E-Mobility from Banpu NEXT Company Limited, together with Khun Krit Vichaiwatanapanich, CEO and the co-founder of Haupcar Company Limited, hourly car rental service via an application has launched ‘Banpu NEXT EV Car Sharing’, an electric car rental via HAUP application. By combining the popular characters among new generations, including Rilakkuma, Dog please, and Jay The Rabbit and wrapping them on electric cars give drivers more charm and fun, and also raise more awareness on TACC’s licensed characters. Additionally, Banpu NEXT is a leading smart clean energy solution provider and provide an integrated EV fleet management, responsible for sourcing electric vehicle car for this service and HAUPCAR is the one who’s in charge of the rental service system in order to be another option for more convenient travels. This also catches up with the hot trends among new- generation metropolitans in Sharing Economy, Product Application, and Ecologically Sustainable Services.